Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Looking for a flat roof repair Birmingham specialist? Then you’re at the right place.

We know that flat roofs are notorious for leaking, which is why we over our many years in the roofing business we’ve worked on hundreds of flat roofs and consider ourselves experts in the world of flat roofing.

Flat Roof Specialist

We offer a wide range of flat roof services including:

Flat roof repair services

For when you have a leak that needs a small fix

  • Felt roof repair – rips, tears and holes fixed

  • Emergency flat roof repair – call us if you need a quick repair

  • Flat roof drain repair – water not draining properly, we can help

Please call us whatever the size of job. We are happy to undertake all jobs big and small.

Flat Roof Installation

Keep repairing your roof? It might be time for a new one. We can quote you on a variety of flat roofing systems, you choose the one that suits your budget and visual requirements.

  • Flat roof systems come in all shapes and sizes. We’ll guide you to the right one.

  • Renewing a flat roof needn’t be costly, we offer a wide range of coverings to suit any budget

  • Re roofing a flat roof can be done quickly and at low cost. A simple way to stop your leaks once and for all.

  • Flat roof construction varies from roof to roof. Felt, rubber and metal are common.

  • Flat roof vents can be fitted or repaired

  • Flat roof replacement is our specialty

  • We pride ourselves in offering the best flat roofing in Birmingham

  • We can work with your builders for flat roof extension construction.

All quotes are free and without any obligation. We’ll come out quickly and give you an accurate written estimate for the work.

Flat porch roof

Alongside traditional flat roofs on extensions and garages we also offer repairs and fitting on smaller flat porch roofs.

Flat roof garage

Most garages in Birmingham have a flat roof. Over time the covering degrades and you may not notice a leak as quickly as you would in your house. It’s important to get it fixed asap when you do to prevent further damage. It may only be a very small repair.

Common Problems We See On Flat Roofs

Flat roofing is most commonly seen on extensions, garage roofs, and porch roofs.  Unfortunately, flat roofing can be prone to issues that are not seen in the standard sloping roofs.

Flat roof repair Birmingham

Flat roof repair in Birmingham

However, if you have a flat roof, then do not despair. Whilst there are some common issues, there are ways that you can avoid them or treat them properly.
Here are some of these common issues.

Flat roof leaking – Birmingham UK

Flat roofing is particularly prone to leaks and a build up of moisture. This is not only problematic to the roof but also the rest of your property. The best way to avoid this particularly issue is to ensure that your flat roof is regularly maintained and checked over by an recamended flat roof repair specialist in Birmingham.

Poor installation or workmanship

It is important, just like with much of the work that may be carried out on your property, to ensure that the roofing company carrying out the work are professional and deliver high quality results. Work that is carried out to a low standard, or that isn’t finished with proper materials or processes is likely to be higher at risk of faults developing. At Elite BirminghamRoofing we are unfortunately often called to fix bad jobs done by other Birmingham roofers. We are happy to help, but think you’d prefer the job done right the first time!

Ponding Water On The Roof

Not all flat roofing can get ponding water issues, however it can happen. Ponding water can lead to flat roof damage and also cause problems such as flat roof leaks. Both things that you will be keen not to happen to your roof. If you do notice a leaking flat roof, then give us a call for a free no obligation written quote. We’ve got your flat roofing Birmingham covered.

Shrinking Flat Roof

Flat roofs that are made from rubber are much more likely to shrink over time. This shrinkage means that the seams on the roof will pull apart and this makes leak points. If you organise for any regular services on your roof then this could be picked up and the measures taken to rectify this.

Blistering Roof

This particular problem is caused by a flat roof that is deteriorating. Over time the membrane on the roof will start to bubble and becomes much like skin of an alligator. If this happens then the roof will need to be replaced with a new roof installation.

Whether you have flat roofing, or sloped roofing, it is important that you take good care of it. Failing to do this will mean that you are likely to be faced with some costly roof repairs or need an entire roof replacement. This isn’t likely to be something that you can do yourself, instead, it is recommended that you seek out a professional roofing company who will be able to service and maintain your roof for you. At Elite Roofing Birmingham we pride ourselves on customer service and attention to detail. Give us a call today.

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