Do you need a pre-purchase roofing survey?

Do you need a pre-purchase roofing survey?

Buying and selling properties can be expensive! It is therefore important to obtain a professional independent roofing survey on all aspects of the property, including the structure and the roof condition.
If you have just found the perfect house you may now be pondering the thought of if to have a pre-purchase roofing survey completed.

What are the differences you may be wondering between having a house survey completed and a pre-purchase roofing inspection?

The standard homebuyers survey will flag up any potentially significant problems with the fabric of the building, but they don’t go into specific details of the roof and other parts of your home.
By having a professional roofing company perform a pre-purchase survey on the properties roof is one of the most important things you can do when purchasing a house, as it could save you thousands of pounds in the future.
With a standard survey, the exterior roof tends to be inspected from the ground or the loft space. Therefore, the person performing the survey will not be able to perform a proper inspection of the roof and the many problems that a roof could be hiding could go unnoticed. To really see what problems a roof could have in store for you the surveyor needs to go on to the roof and no exactly what checks need to be made.
Roofing survey for any Birmingham roof
By having a well-respected and experienced roofer carry out a pre-purchase survey the things you can expect to find out are:
  • External and internal checks will be carried out to look for any signs of the roof sagging. We will look at the age of the roof and the expected longevity, condition comparable to neighbouring properties and any suspected leaks.

  • The inspection will cover inspecting the mortar condition and tiles.

  • Guttering problems or blockages, damage or cracks and any leaks.

  • We will check the chimney stacks, brickwork and mortar condition, loose chimney pots and the condition of the flashings.

  • Flat roofs will be checked, along with the roof covering, condition and life expectancy.

Once the full inspection has been completed you will be informed of the condition of the properties roof, any problems and the cost to repair.
For peace of mind when purchasing a property, it is important to know of any problems that are lurking unseen from the ground, as replacing a roof can be an expensive job, so it is best to know what you are letting yourself in for before signing on the dotted line.
Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are in the process of buying a property and you would like the peace of mind in knowing that an expert has performed a detailed pre-purchase roofing survey on what will hopefully be your next home.